Why Koch Brothers Want to End Public Ed

Why do the Koch brothers want to end public education?

intro story:

Koch Brothers’ Nonprofit Political Apparatus Moves into Local Government Campaigns

One need not be obsessed with the Koch brothers to recognize the remarkable financial reach of their political connections all around the nation. Writing for the New York Times, John Eligon details how nonprofits—501(c)(4) social welfare organizations, that is—associated with the Koch brothers have expanded their area of interest to include local government races. In the small town of Coralville, Iowa, Americans for Prosperity, a group founded by the Koch brothers, has launched an aggressive field operation targeting Coralville’s municipal debt—and the candidates for mayor and city council it believes are responsible for it. According to Eligon, one of AFP’s recent leaflets read, “Coralville is fast becoming Iowa’s version of Detroit.” In other small towns, in places such as Gahanna, Ohio and Fremont, Nebraska, AFP chapters have fought against tax increases.

It is a smart strategy. The national president of Americans for Prosperity explains, “We fight local issue battles…because they result in good policy outcomes, generally promoting economic freedom via less taxes, less government spending.” He might have also said that this is a good strategy for identifying and cultivating budding politicians who, after taking on local, small-town issues, could move up to state politics and eventually to national levels carrying AFP’s pro-business, free market, anti-regulation message. A Democratic state representative from Coralville got the message about the AFP strategy: “I think right now, too, that they’re doing whatever groundwork they can for the 2014 elections—so any inroads they can make anywhere,” David Jacoby said.

Of course, AFP doesn’t reveal how much money it is spending on the Coralville mayoral and city council races, and doesn’t explicitly endorse specific candidates. The Times reports that residents of Coralville, even those who buy into AFP’s anti-debt message, are more than a little disconcerted by the presence of AFP—and its money—in Coralville politics. The Koch brothers simply dominate the news once they and their organizations are involved in local politics, whether it is Coralville or New York City…

PAGE BREAK…or Wake County, NC.

Deja vu all over againPAGE BREAK

THE KOCH BROTHERS have more than $42 billion to make public policy out of their anti-government ideology, and their assault against public education epitomizes their tactics to remake our nation.

The Koch brothers founded Americans for Prosperity and have contributed more than $5 million to its political coffers. Americans for Prosperity, in turn, contributed to organizations that financially influenced a community school board election. (ed note: there’s that pass-through, or laundering, of money used throughout the ALEC/Koch/AFP Cabal which has been noted in previous articles on this site.)

That’s right: the Koch brothers are involving themselves, through their wealth-backed political apparatus, in local schools.

Americans for Prosperity (had previously) allied with groups in North Carolina with the sole purpose of building a new majority on the school board in and around Raleigh. The Koch apparatus was trying to rewrite the social contract that made the Wake County school system a magnet for teachers and families and the surrounding communities prosper.

Each campus was its own melting pot where students could build meaningful relationships and find their niche. Advanced courses and after school activities gave tens of thousands of children a path to higher education and a shot at success.

Many families in the community attributed local prosperity and harmony to the way the school district assigned students to schools.

That policy came under siege from the Koch brothers who, through Americans for Prosperity, indirectly supported school board candidates who campaigned on reversing the busing for diversity program. The outside involvement made a school board election into the most divisive race since the 1970s.

THE KOCH BROTHERS and outside influence provided the script for the Koch-supported candidates. They campaigned to end “forced busing” and promise to enact a “neighborhood schools” mandate.

Do those phrases ring a bell? Using the same language Gov. George Wallace used in the 1960s, Koch-supported candidates in North Carolina are pushing to make public policy based on Wallace’s “segregation always” pledge. And they had the Koch brothers and Americans for Prosperity’s full support.

This is a new example of the Koch brothers’ so-called extreme free market ideology. It’s an incredible window into the brothers’ disdain for public service and government protection in general.

Secondary school is a distant memory for the brothers Koch, both in their 70s and both graduates of nonpublic schools (David went to a Northeast boarding school, and Charles to military school). While Charles kicks back in his fenced off Kansas estate and David sips chardonnay and reflects on ballet in New York City, teenagers Moses and Robert Wright are in jeopardy of being shut out from the advanced high school classes they need for college admission.

The teenagers attend college preparatory classes through the district diversity program. The Koch brothers’ influence at such a local level concerns Gerold Wright, the boys’ father.

“We want to make sure we can get the best education public money can buy,” he says in the video. “It worries me. We had a game plan and we did not think we would have to change.”

Quinton White was one of the first students to be relocated without a say in the matter. He said his relationships with former mentors, teachers and students have suffered.

“I feel it was a sneaky move [and] I’m just disconnected right now,” he said. “The decision … has made it difficult for students like me to adjust and grow.”

They are living proof that the Koch brothers are causing students to lose their opportunity for a free and fair shot at academic achievement and future success.

All politics is local, but it’s extremely jarring to meet families and children who’ve been compromised by the Koch brothers’ ideology. It’s as simple what Gerold Wright says.

“What they’re trying to do is dismantle the whole public school system,” he said.


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