we’re at a historic tipping point for
women in October 2017 the hashtag me to
spread across the globe
what began as a Hollywood sexual assault
scandal sparked a public reckoning
around the world thousands of women are
using two words on social media to
identify themselves as survivors of
sexual harassment and assault a
watershed moment new laws have been
passed and powerful men have been forced
to step down face arrest and conviction
but now me too is igniting wider debate
about the ability of legal systems to
deliver justice about how men should
behave around women we don’t know what
the rules are and it turns out that
there’s way more of them than you
thought and about the battle for gender
equality first you had me – and now you
have now what
Pretoria South Africa inspired by the
global me to movement these women are
protesting about the country’s high
rates of rape and femicide the
deliberate murder of women in South
Africa the number of women killed by a
partner or family member is 5 times
higher than the global average I would
like to officially woman
ivenna PHA is one of the organizers like
many of the protesters Avella has been
personally affected by femicide free
their roaming the streets so not only
have I failed by someone we knew as a
family but we were failed by the justice
system here even a recent President
Jacob Zuma has been accused of rape the
charges were dropped in court in 2006
but sexual and physical violence have
continued to afflict all levels of
society today the protesters are
marching on the Parliament and have
demanded a hearing with the current
President Cyril Ramaphosa but at the
Parliament Buildings it’s soon clear the
president will not be meeting the
president’s no-show is little surprise
in this country the police reported a
7.4 percent increase in all crimes
against women in the last year alone but
for the protesters today has still been
an important step in raising public
awareness because it is applied to them
believe me it takes courage for a woman
to stand up and say hey enough is enough
we all deserve round of applause
in Johannesburg Gigi white runs the
charity get up women
she helps victims of sexual violence
whose cases have been dropped by the
police after going meet two ladies have
allegedly been raped by their boss
nearly half of all rape cases reported a
South African police do not result in an
okay so before we start these two women
allege their boss sexually assaulted
them at work we have got everybody and
everything that’s going to take to keep
your car safe
Gigi has come with her colleagues Shawn
and Dave to take statements from them so
he just wants to ask a cop your
questions we have to do this properly
funny funny but enough Shawn’s role is
to pass evidence to the police and
pressure them to investigate the case
scooch up scooch up
didn’t gonna fuck the second who did you
give the statements to did you go to the
cops yeah okay
and we’re the case go from me win-win
versus 2016 the women suspect their boss
bribed the police to drop the
investigation she’s gonna need to know a
lot more after that’s what it’s time to
face justice and we will go through the
whole entire thing with you every case
every court appearance we will be there
you will not do this
I think this is this is gonna be a lot
idea and a lot bigger than what we first
thought as a third woman has now said
she was assaulted by the same boss she
she hopes the police can be pushed to
reopen this case
but things could hit a familiar brick
wall one of the biggest issues that we
have with a cop everybody’s prepared to
take a breath
the number of women asking Gigi for help
has increased since me – yet she’s
worried there will be no lasting impact
in South Africa unless there are more
prosecutions we have this huge big
movement they started the woman are
getting up they’re telling people
exactly what happened and how it
happened and the problem here is our
systems are not strong enough to back
them if we don’t start getting the
prosecution and getting these women
justice we’re just gonna end up sliding
in America the me2 movement is starting
to have an impact on the justice system
following the Harvey Weinstein scandal
over 300 public figures have donated
millions of dollars to the times up
Legal Defense Fund women have united to
claim that time is up at these small
unassuming headquarters in Washington DC
giant steps are being taken American
women can apply to the fund for free
legal support if they have been sexually
harassed or assaulted at work so far
there have been over 3,500 applications
mainly from women in low-wage industries
it’s up to interns like Noah to feel the
rising number of calls these are the
list of intakes that we’re going to be
sending attorneys to we have it listed
as you know workplace sexual harassment
other workplace sex discrimination is it
probably at least 30 or 40 here just for
today some of the claims stretch back
the most memorable case I had to deal
with was a woman in the military she was
sexually harassed by her superiors by
the people around her and it kind of
destroyed her life she told me you’re
the first person I’ve ever told this to
applications vetted here in Washington
DC are passed to a network of 700
lawyers working across 48 states the
fund has already filed claims against
McDonald’s the US Postal Service and
Walmart they hope this will prompt other
major organizations to change their own
rules about sexual harassment employers
have an opportunity to lead right now
they don’t actually need to wait for new
laws to pass they can right now today
decide that they’re gonna put this issue
at the center of their organization me
too has prompted some companies in the
West to introduce new measures to deal
with sexual harassment
but it has also provoked an all too
predictable backlash I’ve seen signs of
a kind of panic around sexuality and
particularly a tendency to vilify all
men people are not actually going
through any court process we are risking
a kind of sort of social media lynching
some of the backlash is being fueled by
the anxieties of men forced to think
about their behavior in ways they’ve
never had to before
well everyone always feels uncomfortable
when they don’t know what the rules are
and now we don’t know what the rules are
and it turns out that there’s way more
of them than you thought and that the
punishment for transgressing against
them is way higher than you could have
imagined clinical psychologist Jordan
Peterson is known for his controversial
and extremely divisive views on gender
he’s one of the most vocal critics of
me2 and its impact the whole purpose in
some sense of the me2 movement is to
make men much more nervous about any
manifestation of any behavior that’s
vaguely sexual under any circumstances
that our professional
I’m starting to bend in distort company
policy NBC prohibits hugging and Netflix
doesn’t allow you to look at anyone for
more than five seconds now really that’s
supposed to be a solution who thought
that through
it’s the suspicion of men I would think
as men per se that’s clearly not in
anyone’s interest at all so I don’t want
to shock anyone
I really don’t but the world is still
run by men and I’m just not sure it’s
going that well Facebook CEO Sheryl
Sandberg is a leading supporter of me
too even she is worried that some of the
reverberations could prove
counterproductive I think me too
is an opportunity it’s an opportunity to
get rid of behavior that never should
have happened in the first place but we
want to make sure this doesn’t have
negative consequences Sandberg is a
prominent advocate for gender equality
in business and the founder of the
women’s empowerment Foundation lean in
in early 2018 a survey conducted by lean
in found that me too has had an adverse
effect on gender relations u.s. senior
managers who are male are 3.5 times more
likely to hesitate to have a dinner with
a female junior colleague and almost
half of male managers are nervous about
having a one-on-one meeting with the
junior woman you can’t do work if you
can’t have a one-on-one meeting my view
is everyone should be able to work
together have one-on-one meetings and
behave appropriately but at a very
minimum make access equal if you don’t
feel comfortable having dinner with
women don’t have dinner with men
in New York one pioneering company has
come up with an innovative solution to
improve relations between sexes in the
workplace Morgan Mercer is the founder
of vantage point her company is
exploiting the power of virtual reality
to train men to see the world through
woman’s eyes research shows that most
men don’t actually have a mental
framework to reference so most men quite
literally do not understand what sexual
harassment feels like today a team from
customer analytics firm costura will be
exposed to sexual harassment scenarios
based on real-life case studies
race great great this is gonna be a
great year
Rachel one really important now remember
it’s party pack something it
a lot of times with sexual harassment
it’s the buildup
you know the body language and the
feeling of the elephant in the room I
just I honestly don’t know if I want to
go anymore
what are you meaning we’ve been working
on this for months and what about all
the after party well honestly look
that’s part of it James was texting me
all night asking me what I’m gonna wear
so what did you guys think of it I was
like shocked at how it actually felt
yeah yeah me too and it just like the
whole like how quickly a seemingly no
not a harmful conversation about length
yeah going out as a team or something or
like having fun his team can turn into a
popular mr. harassment I think it feels
a man was sitting too close to a woman
and I it was right next to me right so I
felt pretty uncomfortable and also her
reactions to some of the comments – you
could pick up on some of those cues so
the discussions that have taken place in
this past year especially I think people
are innovating in ways to facilitate
better conversations like using
technology stuff like this is probably
working for large companies including
Google and PricewaterhouseCoopers have
expressed interest in using this VR
technology to train their workforces as
has the US Congress it all points to an
important shift I think that we’re at a
pivotal point in society where women’s
roles are being questioned we have
fought for rights and now we’re fighting
for equality in the workplace
the fallout from me too has prompted
some men in Western countries to
question traditional notions of
masculinity and what it means to be a
man in society today in Britain former
filmmaker David fuller recently founded
an alternative men’s collective focused
on challenging conventional forms of
male behavior men are being challenged
culturally right now and I think the
right response to that is to up our game
at an arts festival in southern England
David is running a workshop promoting
what he sees as the solution to the
issues raised by me too
gender is a really hot topic right now
and a lot of the things that we’re
seeing out there and a lot of the anger
that that is being felt I think is
towards men are not really showing up
for me the solution to the times is not
to to sort of shame masculinity it’s to
really refined healthy masculinity David
believes the key to this is teaching men
to be more open and communicative about
their feelings of this whole process
that we’re going through it’s about how
we hold ourselves back the argument goes
if more men improve their emotional
intelligence relations with women will
improve and this will result in greater
harmony between the sexes compare myself
to my my peers my friends you know I
want to be responsible but of course
what that means is you sacrifice a lot
of things in the present because you’re
always trying to make sure the future is
gonna be okay I’m always amazed at how
quickly men open up in our workshops in
society was supposed to be a bit sort of
tougher and that kind of stuff so you’re
going to be able to let that go and just
be able to be ourselves felt in a safe
environment to be however you want it to
be in
being judged it could be some time
before fringe groups like this make any
real noise in mainstream society but
gender roles and gender relations are
being questioned more than ever before
in the wake of me too me too started as
a conversation about sexual harassment
in the workplace but really it sheds
light on that problem any underlying
fundamental problem the lack of power
that women have historically had this
global movement has helped expose a flaw
at the heart of all societies and
unleash powerful forces for change that
might just kick-start efforts to fix it

the Miche movement took off in South
Korea recently when a female prosecutor
exposed the reality of sexual harassment
within the country’s highly regimented
prosecution system and now the movement
has spread to the culture industry after
women in the field spoke up about their
experiences of being sexually assaulted
by powerful male directors and actors
parkie June with the details the me2
movement has erupted in Korea’s culture
industry the latest revelations show
that behind great literature and highly
priest art performances there’s a long
hidden ugly truth the small I turned to
cultural circles when a female poet
first publicized her experience of being
sexually harassed by a famous male poets
and how such incidents were common in
the field but momentum grew especially
after a renowned theater director was
found to have sexually abused numerous
women in the industry you take a former
artistic director of the National
Theatre of Korea and one of the most
influential figures in theater was
revealed to have sexually harassed women
in theater circles even raping a former
actress he admitted to the allegations
in the press conference his case was
followed by more allegations of sexual
misconduct involving famous male poets
and actors although some have admitted
their wrongdoings and said they are
willing to take responsibility for their
apologies are being seen as far from
enough the fundamental problem lies in a
deeply hierarchical code of the industry
men still wield the power making women
vulnerable to sexual abuse and
discrimination there are calls for a
lasting reform of the system so that the
me2 movement does not just end as a
temporary measure to merely punish a
handful of men Paqui jun arirang news

women in India are saying enough is
enough almost one year after activists
tirana Burks me to movement erupted in
the u.s. Indian survivors are sharing
long ignored her unreported instances of
sexual assault and harassment the
movement which empowered survivors in
the u.s. to speak up about harassment by
little-known and high-profile
perpetrators alike has made global waves
and spread to places like France China
and Kenya and though Michu in India is
making headlines as a new movement will
the me2 movement change India a
watershed moment for India’s me to
movement in the wake of the me2 movement
in India patterns really gained momentum
some women are saying they’ve been
speaking out for a long time it’s just
people haven’t been listening
we spoke to women in media from New
Delhi and Mumbai to help establish how
India got to this landmark moment and
what it could mean for the future of the
global me to movement this isn’t the
first time women in India are speaking
out against sexual assault but it’s fair
to say past allegations haven’t caught
fire on social media the way they are
now in fact one of the allegations that
sparked this movement first surfaced 10
years ago but didn’t really gain
traction until just recently bollywood
actress Tanisha Rida first spoke out and
filed a police report against an actor
in 2008 just days after she says he
sexually harassed her on the set of a
Bollywood film but at the time the
incident was really only covered by
local media and sometimes in a way that
victim blamed dutta jana Sequeira spoke
about visiting the set after it all went
down I landed on the set and I realized
that there was no shooting happening and
that the yellowing of the actress in
this piece and she doctor seemed
extremely upset the leading man I sort
of colluded with the choreographer and
the producers to ensure that he would be
a part of the song in a manner where he
got to touch her inappropriately this
was of course what we would call today
in a workplace exploitation workplace
harassment Donna was met with an angry
mob outside her trail
demanding that she finished the shoot
footage from that night shows the mob
surrounding her car and even breaking
her windshield a couple years later
Dutta took a break from Bollywood to
deal with the trauma and moved to the US
during a holiday in India this summer
she brought up the incident again in a
TV interview this time more people
listened but she also received backlash
people accusing her of making up the
story or waiting 10 years to speak up
pada car has denied the allegations of
course I want the industry to ban these
people and not work with them just just
to set an example for other actors other
producers other directors and say that
you cannot get away with this kind of
behavior Sequeira decided to corroborate
Tara’s account in a Twitter thread that
went viral in September 2018 I just felt
like it took someone so much courage
after 10 years to talk about this all
over again an incision that really
changed if she had the courage to do the
right thing to you know find her voice
and wear it out couldn’t die soon after
the floodgates began to swing open
comedian Maha Maharaja called out a
prominent stand-up comic for sending
sexually explicit photos he initially
denied some of the claims she made but
apologized after more women came forward
journalists andi’m anon spoke out
against alleged sexual harassment by
senior editors and encouraged others to
do the same the movement has even
reached the top levels of government
with now former junior foreign minister
MJ Akbar facing accusations by more than
a dozen women he denied the claims and
filed a defamation suit against the
first woman to come forward well-known
journalists Priya Romani but also
eventually resigned many pointed out
that sexual harassment and assault don’t
only occur on film sets and newsrooms
but are also prevalent on public transit
in homes in classrooms and beyond and I
think what we’re seeing right now is
decades of pent up anger and frustration
and it’s not just about any of you or
women of my day
no younger women it is anger that what
we have personally experienced anger at
the humiliation that we know that our
mothers and grandmothers will experience
decades of frustration as veticon put
set have culminated in Indian women
speaking out before massive protests in
2012 and 2013 over the rape and murder
of a 23 year old woman on a bus helped
spur legal action and nationwide
conversation about sexual assault in
2017 a law student herself a survivor of
sexual assault crowd-sourced the list of
Indian academics whose students said
sexually harassed them and published it
on Facebook also in 2017 women in the
southern state of Kerala came together
to form the women in cinema collective
after a prominent actress in the
Malayalam or Mollywood film industry was
abducted and sexually assaulted an
accused actor was eventually arrested
but vet akkad says the incident didn’t
make major waves outside of the south at
the time the rights movement in the
state of Kerala among the Malayalam film
industry that Smallwood has not got the
attention it deserves in the rest of the
country but the need to movement in
America got there got coverage across
India I mean if the atom scene was
happening in Hollywood now we would
probably still be about five ten years
away from taking victims more seriously
so every night while Western movement
has had a huge role in sort of helping
us find our voice I also feel that
Indian women are finally realizing that
you know it’s time we stop sort of you
know listening to those a table sort of
stories our mothers and parents told us
have to be and find our own voice some
say that as much as survivors in India
may have been inspired by the u.s. media
movement each culture has its own set of
unique challenges that shouldn’t be
overlooked our challenges in India might
be different culturally in the sense
that we have our caste system but then
America had its America has its problems
of this as well the rest of the world
tirana burke who founded the me to
movement in 2006 said that though she
initially started me to with black and
brown girls in mind their traumas
haven’t been given the same clowder
attention as white womens
in India activists say the movement has
failed to include the voices of
low-income and so-called lower caste
dawlat women and that’s a big problem
because Dalit women are frequent victims
of attacks and that likelihood has been
on the rise according to India’s
National Crime Records Bureau more than
$4 women are raped every day this new
movement should not remain restricted to
the middle classes in the upper classes
to Romanian cities or women who are
injured speaking or women who are closer
the power centers but that it should
cover women of the lower caste women of
the state of Jammu and Kashmir women of
religious minorities she says other
patriarchal institutions in India need
to be addressed and dismantled in order
to see the full impact of a women’s
equality movement every intelligent
woman from the upper caste and from the
upper classes should know that the cast
is still met communalism all of these
harms all of us when we zoom out it’s
clear that violence against women in
India and elsewhere is far from being
eradicated in June of this year the
Thomson Reuters foundation ranked India
the most dangerous country in the world
for women based on the verdicts and
opinions of more than 500 experts in
part because of high rates of sexual
violence in 2016 there were reported
three hundred and thirty eight thousand
nine hundred and fifty for crimes
against women including 38 thousand nine
hundred and forty seven rapes the number
of times I have been molested on public
transport I once had a boss who used to
accidentally code and code accidentally
whose elbow and arm elbows and hands you
accidentally touch the breast of a fat
woman passing by it happen to be well it
happened to be twice most entertainment
journalists most women who worked in
media and film spaces have sort of
experienced anything from sexism to
actual sexual exploitation at some point
in their career but despite the backlash
and obstacles that women in India and
around the world continue to face
they’re raising their voices
that is going to lead to big changes and
this is something that no one can stop
just now because it’s a force beyond
anybody’s control has your country
experienced its own me to wave recently
we’re gonna keep reporting on this issue
and that means we’d really like to hear
stories from you our audience so let us
know in the comments below thanks for
watching now this world and don’t forget
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