4 Yoni Eggs Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

For the workout there is a kind of intimate muscles Trainers – jade eggs. Many people know about Ben Wa Balls or about Kegel exercises that allow you to make the muscles of the female vagina manageable. Jade eggs are another tool in this case. This simulator has been known since ancient times. In ancient China, the imperial palace concubine, even after birth, were experienced lovers because they knew how to use jade eggs. Also uses the technique of training the muscles of the vagina, including the use of jade eggs, priestesses, geisha, hetero, because they are at all considered to be first-class skilled workers in the joys of love times.

Vumbildingom called exercises intimate muscles and pelvic floor muscles. The first three letters in the rostrum – vaginal, Y – manageable, M – muscles and buildings translated into English means the development, the construction.

The beneficial effects of training with jade eggs on women’s health

In principle, all women need intimate muscles to be strengthened. First of all, in need of vumbildingom women suffer from incontinence, hemorrhoids, when the vagina becomes air during sexual intercourse, or hanging, the water invades when swimming, if there is a danger of infection. Consequently, if used regularly jade miracle eggs, this group of muscles in women elastic will increase their circulation and thus in the tissues of the pelvic floor is rich in nutrients and oxygen.

By teaching vumbildingom have a greater impact on women’s health. Jade stone itself is considered to be salvation. Therefore, the stress on the muscles of vaginal exercises with jade eggs promotes the treatment of stagnation in the ovaries, vagina, pelvic organs and prevention.

With vumbildinga it is possible to get rid of various diseases, such as erosion, miokista, fibroids, painful periods, a micro flora injury, breast seal, and breast.

Vumbildingom help to protect oneself from and postmenstrual syndrome and to stabilize, mental and emotional state of the woman.

Vumbildingom, of course, will affect the privacy. In the process of training with jade eggs reduces the volume of the vagina, which should please the sex partner of a woman who is engaged vumbildingom. In addition, these exercises will give sexual pleasure is not only a human, but the woman herself. The result is an increase in employment vumbildingom sensitivity of the erogenous zones, and the orgasm becomes brighter and sexual arousal will find richer colors.

Very useful exercise with jade eggs will help future mothers to control his body as this will help in futile attempts. Even during training intimate muscles strengthened press and diaphragm.

In the end, jade eggs are slowly playing with age-related changes and aging bodies. Training intimate muscles, women gather the energy, from which still very long menopause and menopause, can also save the reproductive function. As you know, during menopause, changes in the body occur that have a negative impact on the appearance and health of the woman. Involved vumbildingom extends his youth. It is believed that a fairly adult woman who has intimate muscles, eyes vivid and expressive exercise, and the skin looks younger and smoothed. If a woman at the age of survivors phase of menopause, she decided to start engaging in vumbildingom, then do it is never too late, because the aging process is reversible.

Recommendations for the use of jade eggs

So you have decided to do vumbildingom and so intimate simulator jade eggs selected. After taking over a set of jade eggs, do not hurry to start classes. Before you use eggs, they must be cleaned, and then they will only become those of you.

See a detailed article about the benefits of its use.

Water disposal eggs

In order to clean the eggs from jade, they need to put in a salt solution in a night, which is prepared in a ratio of one tablespoon of salt in a glass of water. After that, hands neither solution nor to touch the eggs, place them under running water for 20 minutes. This washing process has information that has accumulated in the rocks. Water with a solution and the information collected will flow towards drains. After disinfecting the eggs for several minutes, be cooked.

Now it’s finally cleared the egg jade, and you can be sure that it will bring you many benefits. Right now you can start training.

  1. The lesson begins with the simplest: Take the smallest size egg lying with your knees bent, inserted into the vagina, trying to squeeze his intimate muscles. The next exercise is to pull the threaded eggs out of the vagina, creating resistance intimate muscles.
  2. An interesting exercise – drawing egg inside. In the sitting position, leaning against the headboard or against the wall, you must have an egg shallow and quickly start pulling it – to relax. If you do the exercise correctly, the line was that “swallowed” the vagina, too, will gradually go inside. You may find that exercise is quite complex, but started doing it, you will see how easy it all turns out to be.
  3. The following exercise – egg should be the first time. Egg should be used near the entrance and trying to push out. If you learn how to do it, promote egg deeper than attempts to get it out of the vagina and in the end “spit it” outside.
  4. This exercise is called “bin” really complicated. It should swallow in contrast to an egg. We only put them in half and have to swallow an egg of shame. At the beginning of the study of the exercise is best done in a pose «Birch», pushing his feet against the wall. To do something wrong, relax intimate muscles and then drain. If you do not turn that out, exercise, do not worry, help keep the eggs in your hand.

These exercises can be performed in different positions – sitting, lying, and standing. Gradually changing the size of the eggs, they hang to load. 1.5 kg – Georgia to serve as a water bottle weighing 250 g. Choose the weight so that it is comfortable, but at the same time that he felt. Loads are used for walking, squatting, with legs raised, and only to retract the eggs inside. There is passive training with jade eggs – that’s when the egg is in the vagina for a long time eight hours.

Finally, you should note that no one can give their eggs to wear. Especially not to someone who hold them in their hands, because Jade immediately absorb the energy of the person. Get one now at YoniEggs.co. It is also desirable to carry out training in a very good way n mood to hoard your eggs only positive energy.

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