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How does joining support groups encourage you to speak up against sexual harassments?

More than five years have passed since the news was flooded with sexual harassment scandals in Hollywood. The Me Too movement now seems like a major step towards an egalitarian society — at least in developed countries. However, it’s not just women from the entertainment industry who are common victims of sexual assault. Such heinous acts, unfortunately, occur in every social group, demographic, or class.


In case of such harassment in the workplace, school, or anywhere else, health professionals frequently recommend support groups. They offer numerous benefits for survivors, including protection, emotional outlets, and an overall opportunity to grow. Yet, it seems like most of us know very little about the pros of joining support groups. Therefore, allow us to take you through the ins and outs of alcoholics anonymous’ sex assault cousin.

Support Groups Educate Everyone

The sad reality of sexual harassment is that many people don’t even know they are subject to it when it occurs. They only become aware of it later, which can be days, months, or even years at a time. Nevertheless, by joining a support group — be it an online meeting or physical — everyone can learn the basics of this crime.

Namely, the leader of group therapy (usually a trained psychologist) will explain several examples of sexual harassment. These can include:

  • Coworkers repeatedly making sexual advances, even if told to stop;
  • Higher-ups offering workplace benefits in exchange for sexual favors (e.g., raise, promotion, etc.);
  • Unwanted physical contact;
  • Threats based on not wanting to participate in sexual acts;
  • Non-verbal actions that evoke sex, including winking, blowing kisses, and similar.


By understanding these examples, people get to prepare themselves better for such unfortunate scenarios. They can react appropriately to them, which helps tackle the issue so that it doesn’t leave an emotional or physical scar. Moreover, it can prevent the perpetrator from doing it to someone else, too.

They Provide Protection

Another important benefit that group members get is protection. This includes both real-time protection and legal support. In essence, many support groups work closely with lawyers who specialize in crimes of sexual nature, and most of them work for free (pro bono). As such, victims and survivors of sexual harassment can take legal action against perpetrators, getting the taste of justice for once in their life.


On the other hand, both physical and online support groups protect in terms of everyday life. That means that while with your group, no one can hurt you, and you are fully safe and secure. Additionally, having contact with your peers and group leaders can provide you with a quick option to call someone in case of a sex assault scenario. Some even teach basic defense skills, which can come in handy against rape attempts.

Your Recovery Is Important to Them

Recovering from any type of trauma can be harder than you imagine. However, there’s something so sinister and heavy about sexual abuse that doing it all by yourself seems practically impossible. The idea of someone treating you as an object and taking physical advantage is overwhelming. As such, many victims never recover, taking a dark path toward self-destruction. Luckily, support groups are here to prevent that.


Mental health professionals dedicate their whole lives to helping people overcome various difficulties. They hope to take you back on the right track and provide you with tools to handle life challenges. The same goes for sexual harassment. No matter if you were subject to verbal or physical conduct of a sexual assault, their help is crucial. From simply talking to providing medical attention, you can count on them in your time of need.

They Encourage You to Grow From the Abuse

After sexual abuse of any kind, many people tend to have a negative outlook on life. And why wouldn’t they? What they have gone through isn’t exactly something you’d wish for, is it? Of course not. However, there’s more to life than living in the shadow of your negative experiences. In fact, any reasonable companion would wish for you to get better. You need to move on from what just happened to you. Luckily, that’s where support groups excel.


Surviving sexual harassment can be a blessing in disguise of some sort. Although no one would want to reasonably go through it, victims can use it to boost their future life. It’s like channeling your negativity into something else and finding a silver lining. Surviving harassment can give a new purpose to life. It can make you an activist against such heinous acts, sharing the voice of those who are not yet prepared to talk on their own.


Still, you don’t have to be vocal about your harassment experience if you don’t want to. No one is saying that’s your job. Moreover, you don’t have to talk about it in public if you don’t feel the need. But you should, nevertheless, adopt coping skills to prevent the trauma from causing you further issues in life. Fortunately, all this is possible with the right people around you, and those people are waiting in various support groups across the country.

Support Groups Teach You to Fight for Yourself

Remember how we’ve said that support groups help people physically? Well, it’s only fair to expand on this claim a bit more.


Although not all groups offer their family this option, many are prepared to include you in physical training. Through these sessions, survivors of sexual assault and harassment learn defense skills that they can successfully use in case of need. These skills are martial arts, and one of the best for defense is Krav Maga. This Israeli martial art, perfected by their special forces — Mossad — allows you to overpower even the toughest of opponents.

However, it’s not just about being physical. Not all harassment can be dealt with force, nor should it. In case of dirty looks and catcalling, the best tactic is to be vocal about it. Unfortunately, many who find themselves in such situations are lost for words. Yet, support groups encourage their family to speak out when facing harassment. Be it by talking to their superiors at work or professors at school and universities, it’s an essential part of defending yourself properly. To do so, you require a bit of courage, and that’s just what you get from sitting with a trained professional and a posse of your own.

They Value You and Your Experience

Lastly, we need to mention how support groups aren’t just for people who’ve gone through sexual harassment. They welcome everyone, including those who were lucky not to have such a horrible experience. But why would anyone want to join these groups suddenly, you might ask. Is it some twisted way of having fun like Marla and the main character of Fight Club have? Nope! Of course not. The idea is to learn about harassment so that you can prevent it in its tracks.


Joining a sex assault support group can allow you to spot such foul play in places where you wouldn’t notice it before. It can also provide you with an opportunity to help others who are going through such an experience. It’s a noble cause that we all should gather around. Especially since there’s not enough talk about harassment in mainstream media, or it usually revolves around celebrities who we’ve grown out of touch with. Either way, legal, physical, and emotional support are key, at least until we defeat this social disease once and for all.

Sex Ed: Asking for and Providing Sexual Consent

Sexual consent is an important topic that everyone has to be aware of. However, one of the questions that are often overlooked is how you should go about asking for and providing clear sexual consent. This does not only have to do with sexual intercourse that includes penetrative sex but also oral sex, any other type of sexual act, kissing and touching, etc.

Obtaining Consent

Here’s some advice regarding obtaining consent.

Avoid Partners Who Are Vulnerable

Sexual activity without consent is sexual assault. That’s why you need to avoid those that are vulnerable. Either they are intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, unconscious, asleep, under the legal age, or do not have the physical and/or mental capacity to consent. You should not engage with them in sexual acts since they are unable to give informed consent.


Having a sexual encounter with them is sexual abuse and at times, statutory rape regardless of how “eager” they may come across. They could feel pressured into saying “yes” and deeply regret it the next day. This would be taking advantage of them, which is terrible.

Establish Reciprocal Interest Before Anything

Flirting is an essential part when it comes to getting to know your partner before sex, as well as figuring out what your partner would want to do. It is mostly about body language. Is there eye contact? Are they smiling? Leaning in?


Plus, flirting, reading their body language, and talking to them can tell you if your intentions are in line with theirs. If they are looking for a relationship, and you are looking for a one-night stand, you have to make sure they are completely okay with a casual hookup.

Negotiate Consent Verbally

An important part of sexual activities is to talk about consent. It’s better when it is verbal and direct. However, if they say “yes” to one thing, that does not mean it is a yes to all.


This may come across as a “mood killer,” but it is better than coming across as sexual violence or forcing yourself on them. Another way to go about asking for consent is to leave it to them to initiate things. Also, you can tell them something that you want to do to them. However, make it clear and detailed before you two (or more) start anything. With every suggestion, wait for their reaction, verbal or/and nonverbal, and then decide if you want to go through with it. When in doubt, do not.

Establish ‘Blanket Consent’ Ahead of Time

Blanket consent is mostly for those that are more experienced in sex. You can start with getting permission for some individual sexual acts, and afterward, if you want, you can talk to your partner about blanket consent. It is an agreement not to have to ask for permission for every act, but instead, if they do not want you to do something, they have to say “no,” and you have to respect it and stop. Another important thing is that they can change their mind and not want to do what you have established.

Negotiate Consent Nonverbally

Verbal consent is easier to get and more direct a lot of the time. That is because a lot of people are not good at reading or displaying body language. However, there can be situations where nonverbal consent can be read. But it would require a lot of experience, perception, and being careful. You can start slowly with a light touch and read their reaction.


If they are uncomfortable, do not go further. If they respond positively, e.g., by touching your hand or smiling non-awkwardly, then you can go further. However, you would have to be a master at reading body language because an awkward smile can be confused for a genuine one. In this case, it would be best to ask them.

Encourage Your Partner to Say ‘No’ (as well as ‘Yes’) at Any Point

A healthy sexual relationship is one where you can both say “no” at any point. It is essential to make sure they know this. It needs to be clear that they have the power to say “no,” “stop,” “slow down,” and that you will do as they say. You want them to feel comfortable and safe with you as much as you do with them. Therefore, make it clear that if they feel even slightly uncomfortable or unsure while engaging in sexual acts or even before, they can make you stop.

Providing Consent

Here’s some advice concerning providing consent.

Share Your Intentions and Limitations

On the flip side of the coin is how you consent to sex. It is important to let your lover know your intentions and limitations. If you are looking for a relationship, tell them. If you are not willing to go far or fast, let them know. Make sure that you are on the same page. Be clear, blunt, and honest. It may spoil the mood, but you will be safe, so who cares.

Let Your Partner Know What Kind of Consent Works for You

It is a good idea to let them know how slow you want to take things. If you are inexperienced or with a new lover, you must be clear about it. Let them know that you want them to ask for consent for each individual act if this is something you feel comfortable with. If you want to use the blanket consent approach, you have to say “no” when you are uncomfortable. But make it clear to them and do say “no.” Establish all of this before anything physical starts.

Provide Continuous Positive Feedback

During sexual contact, you can guide them by saying “yes,” “that feels good,” etc. This is so that they know if what they are doing is working for you and that you are comfortable. Also, you can do it without talking by kissing them back, physically slowing them where you want to be touched, etc.

Learn How to Convey ‘No’ Effectively and Get Comfortable Doing It

This is an important aspect that you have to get comfortable with. It can be awkward or uncomfortable, but it is your first line of defense. Plus, the first time saying it is often the hardest; it should get easier from then. However, not doing anything is not a clear no. So you can say “no” gently or physically move away, push their hands away, etc. If they continue trying, you must give them a clear and forceful “no.”

In Conclusion

Sex education covers a lot of sexual health topics, but many schools do not cover much when it comes to consent. A rule of thumb is if you feel uncomfortable, say “no,” and if you think your partner is uncomfortable, stop. Communication is key to a healthy sexual relationship.

4 Yoni Eggs Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

For the workout there is a kind of intimate muscles Trainers – jade eggs. Many people know about Ben Wa Balls or about Kegel exercises that allow you to make the muscles of the female vagina manageable. Jade eggs are another tool in this case. This simulator has been known since ancient times. In ancient China, the imperial palace concubine, even after birth, were experienced lovers because they knew how to use jade eggs. Also uses the technique of training the muscles of the vagina, including the use of jade eggs, priestesses, geisha, hetero, because they are at all considered to be first-class skilled workers in the joys of love times.

Vumbildingom called exercises intimate muscles and pelvic floor muscles. The first three letters in the rostrum – vaginal, Y – manageable, M – muscles and buildings translated into English means the development, the construction.

The beneficial effects of training with jade eggs on women’s health

In principle, all women need intimate muscles to be strengthened. First of all, in need of vumbildingom women suffer from incontinence, hemorrhoids, when the vagina becomes air during sexual intercourse, or hanging, the water invades when swimming, if there is a danger of infection. Consequently, if used regularly jade miracle eggs, this group of muscles in women elastic will increase their circulation and thus in the tissues of the pelvic floor is rich in nutrients and oxygen.

By teaching vumbildingom have a greater impact on women’s health. Jade stone itself is considered to be salvation. Therefore, the stress on the muscles of vaginal exercises with jade eggs promotes the treatment of stagnation in the ovaries, vagina, pelvic organs and prevention.

With vumbildinga it is possible to get rid of various diseases, such as erosion, miokista, fibroids, painful periods, a micro flora injury, breast seal, and breast.

Vumbildingom help to protect oneself from and postmenstrual syndrome and to stabilize, mental and emotional state of the woman.

Vumbildingom, of course, will affect the privacy. In the process of training with jade eggs reduces the volume of the vagina, which should please the sex partner of a woman who is engaged vumbildingom. In addition, these exercises will give sexual pleasure is not only a human, but the woman herself. The result is an increase in employment vumbildingom sensitivity of the erogenous zones, and the orgasm becomes brighter and sexual arousal will find richer colors.

Very useful exercise with jade eggs will help future mothers to control his body as this will help in futile attempts. Even during training intimate muscles strengthened press and diaphragm.

In the end, jade eggs are slowly playing with age-related changes and aging bodies. Training intimate muscles, women gather the energy, from which still very long menopause and menopause, can also save the reproductive function. As you know, during menopause, changes in the body occur that have a negative impact on the appearance and health of the woman. Involved vumbildingom extends his youth. It is believed that a fairly adult woman who has intimate muscles, eyes vivid and expressive exercise, and the skin looks younger and smoothed. If a woman at the age of survivors phase of menopause, she decided to start engaging in vumbildingom, then do it is never too late, because the aging process is reversible.

Recommendations for the use of jade eggs

So you have decided to do vumbildingom and so intimate simulator jade eggs selected. After taking over a set of jade eggs, do not hurry to start classes. Before you use eggs, they must be cleaned, and then they will only become those of you.

See a detailed article about the benefits of its use.

Water disposal eggs

In order to clean the eggs from jade, they need to put in a salt solution in a night, which is prepared in a ratio of one tablespoon of salt in a glass of water. After that, hands neither solution nor to touch the eggs, place them under running water for 20 minutes. This washing process has information that has accumulated in the rocks. Water with a solution and the information collected will flow towards drains. After disinfecting the eggs for several minutes, be cooked.

Now it’s finally cleared the egg jade, and you can be sure that it will bring you many benefits. Right now you can start training.

  1. The lesson begins with the simplest: Take the smallest size egg lying with your knees bent, inserted into the vagina, trying to squeeze his intimate muscles. The next exercise is to pull the threaded eggs out of the vagina, creating resistance intimate muscles.
  2. An interesting exercise – drawing egg inside. In the sitting position, leaning against the headboard or against the wall, you must have an egg shallow and quickly start pulling it – to relax. If you do the exercise correctly, the line was that “swallowed” the vagina, too, will gradually go inside. You may find that exercise is quite complex, but started doing it, you will see how easy it all turns out to be.
  3. The following exercise – egg should be the first time. Egg should be used near the entrance and trying to push out. If you learn how to do it, promote egg deeper than attempts to get it out of the vagina and in the end “spit it” outside.
  4. This exercise is called “bin” really complicated. It should swallow in contrast to an egg. We only put them in half and have to swallow an egg of shame. At the beginning of the study of the exercise is best done in a pose «Birch», pushing his feet against the wall. To do something wrong, relax intimate muscles and then drain. If you do not turn that out, exercise, do not worry, help keep the eggs in your hand.

These exercises can be performed in different positions – sitting, lying, and standing. Gradually changing the size of the eggs, they hang to load. 1.5 kg – Georgia to serve as a water bottle weighing 250 g. Choose the weight so that it is comfortable, but at the same time that he felt. Loads are used for walking, squatting, with legs raised, and only to retract the eggs inside. There is passive training with jade eggs – that’s when the egg is in the vagina for a long time eight hours.

Finally, you should note that no one can give their eggs to wear. Especially not to someone who hold them in their hands, because Jade immediately absorb the energy of the person. Get one now at It is also desirable to carry out training in a very good way n mood to hoard your eggs only positive energy.

Latex Clothing vs Rubber | What’s The Difference?

Latex clothing can be extremely hard to get on. Numerous individuals, notwithstanding, truly appreciate getting wearing their latex as it is every one of the piece of the good times! It might simply require a touch of investment and tolerance until the point that you get its hang. Then again, get your latex clothing chlorinated for simple dressing.

  • Unscented bath powder, a water based lubricant, or a dressing help is basic. Which you utilize boils down to individual inclination. Give it a shot and see what you like!
  • Ensure that both within the garment and your body is gently secured with the substance of decision, and after that gradually facilitate the thing on.
  • Abstain from snatching the latex with your fingers as this could result in finger impressions. Rather, utilize your entire hand to steadily move the latex into place. For maintaining latex clothing this is important now.

Ensure that your body is spotless, dry, and free of oils before dressing.

Watch out for sharp protests, for example, fingernails, gems or watches, as these may tear the latex.

Try not to utilize oil based fluids (ex. baby oil) or cornstarch. These will harm your latex.

Make Your Latex Clothing Shine:

At the point when your latex arrives you may be disillusioned that it doesn’t seem super glossy like you find in the photographs or recordings. Try not to freeze, without a doubt this is typical. Understanding that ideal sparkle will require a touch of training and tolerance.

The more you have your latex garment and the more you sparkle it, the shinier it will progress toward becoming.

What you use to sparkle your latex involves individual inclination.

With the end goal to get that polished look you can utilize a silicone based lubricant. There are in reality a few brands particularly suggested for latex. These can be found in both a clean and a splash (again extremely a matter of individual inclination).

Water based lubricants can likewise be utilized. These are less demanding to tidy up and less untidy, yet they don’t generally deliver as high of a sparkle and may dry out quicker.

In case you are utilizing a cloth to apply the shiner, make certain to utilize a delicate, build up free cloth, and to rub softly to abstain from harming the latex.

In case you are wearing your latex, like this, and discover you can’t achieve certain territories, don’t stress, it shouldn’t be too elusive a volunteer!

Taking care of your Latex Clothing:

Appropriately thinking about your latex clothing can drastically expand the life of your latex and guarantee that you have numerous long periods of fun in store.

Washing your Latex Clothing:

  • It is fundamental to wash your latex after every single use as normal body oils and sweat will in the long run start to separate your latex in the event that they are not expelled.
  • Wash your latex in warm sudsy water. A mellow cleanser, dish cleanser or an unadulterated cleanser (ex. Ivory) is generally suggested.
  • Make a point to flush altogether with the end goal to evacuate all the cleanser.
  • Shake free the overabundance water, pat dry, and hold tight a plastic holder to get done with drying. After a brief period turn back to front.
  • Try not to endeavor to utilize the washing machine or dryer.

Putting away your Latex Clothing:

  • Keep your latex in a dry, dull place, far from direct daylight, warmth and dampness.
  • Continuously store at room temperature. Chilly makes the material less supple.
  • Store just when totally dry.

Characteristic Latex Allergy:

The items are made from the best quality characteristic Latex. In that capacity, there is a potential for an unfavorably susceptible response for any individual who has a hypersensitivity to this normal latex and interacts with our items. If it’s not too much trouble guarantee that you, the shopper, know about this potential issue before making your buy. Chez Noir does not acknowledge any obligation at all for issues emerging thus.

Fixes: These minor fixes are sufficient for little occurrences, on parts of the garment that don’t require excessively opposition. A few sections, for example, the groin or underarms, will require an extension of the latex inside to keep the tear from returning. Try not to utilize gear to fix bike tires or plunging suits.

Abundance paste can be cleaned with Cement-Rubber Thinner or Coleman Camping Fuel. Try not to rub! More slender may harm the latex.

Solace: One of the most as often as possible made inquiries is the warmth that can be felt when wearing latex clothing. Latex isn’t constantly hot to wear, in spite of the way that it’s anything but a material that enables sweat to vanish. In case the garment fits appropriately, the latex will acclimate to the surrounding temperature. In case the place is cool, the latex will be new. The equivalent goes for warmth. In any case, extremely hot lights and the sun will rapidly warm the latex, particularly in the event that it is dull in shading. Moreover, clothing too free, ineffectively fitting, will be hotter in light of the fact that it will let excessively air between your skin and latex. Multiplying a latex garment will have a similar impact. A bit of clothing with huge openings (eg shirt or skirt) will be exceptionally agreeable on the grounds that these openings permit great air dissemination. It is vital to note, notwithstanding, that every individual is extraordinary, some are hot considerably quicker, others are more wary ordinarily. In case you get hot rapidly in clothes made with different materials (eg cotton), it will be the equivalent with latex. The main distinction is that if the garment fits cozily, you won’t see sweat until the point when you expel it.

The surface of the latex will in general be somewhat sticky. In case you are furry, it is unequivocally prescribed to put a little powder inside the garment before putting on it, subsequently staying away from to tear your hair in passing! This method applies particularly to clothing that does not have a zipper

Purchasing a bit of clothing of the correct size additionally controls a considerable measure of issues of distress. Balanced latex clothing ought to be somewhat littler than your boundary (one inch or less). A piece too little, notwithstanding pulling more hair, will gag you and be uneasy.

To expel the latex garment, don’t pull. In case you endeavor to extend it up or down, it will shrivel, fix, adhering increasingly to the skin, making it harder to evacuate. Custom-made pants, shirts or different pieces without zippers must be expelled start to finish or base to top contingent upon the piece, as though you needed to flip around your garment, within to the outside (back to front).

If you want to make your own, see this article from Cosmopolitan.

How To Properly Clean Sex Toys To Avoid The Risk of Infections

You love sex toys very much, you are happy to use them but can you get an infection from a sex toy?You should know that if you do not follow the rules of intimate hygiene, accessories for adults can cause a visit to the doctor. With improper storage and care of toys, entire colonies of pathogenic bacteria develop on their surface, and they will gladly settle in your body. Know some healthy ideas with sex toys.

With a vibrator, you can get a full bouquet of sexually transmitted infections.If it is used by several people without a condom, the list of diseases can be quite extensive: from yeast fungi to viruses of HIV and hepatitis B and C.

So what to do to favorite vibrator served for a long time and bring only pleasure? There are a few general rules that apply to all adult sex accessories. Follow them for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, and you will not have to spend money, nerves and time for treatment.

Sharing sex toys is not safe

Problem: Is it safe to share sex toys during sex with a new acquaintance, group sex or swingers? Or just sharing plugs with your master? Experts of epidemiology and prevention of the Center for the Prevention and Fight against AIDS and Infectious Diseases, answered us this question.

Viruses (including HIV) and other pathogens die in the air for a few minutes, but if the material from which a sex toy is made is porous or its surface has microcracks or a complex texture, the risk increases.

Sperm, vaginal secretions may linger in invisible cavities, and with them, infectious agents. In general, the risk of contracting STDs increases when biological fluids come in contact with damaged skin or mucous membranes.

What to do? Each participant in the sexual game should have a separate toy. If you want to use the device together, you need to wear a condom. There is no other option to avoid infection. Remember that only you are responsible for your health.

What does sharing of sex toys symbolize? Find out here.

Change horses at the crossing

Problem: The intestinal flora is very aggressive towards the vaginal and can cause many unpleasant diseases. Not deadly, but you need it?

What to do? Use different devices for anal and vaginal sex. Or wear a condom on the anal toy, if after you plan to use it for vaginal caresses.

Can I use a broken vibrator?

Problem: If cracks, chips, scratches appear on your vibrator, this means that bacteria can accumulate in this place.

What to do?  Do not rush to throw out their outdated device in the trash – it’s bad for the environment.Bring the old toy to us and get a 10% discount on the purchase of a new one.  You can disassemble the device independently and deliver the components for recycling to specialized companies.

How to store sex toys

Problem: How and where you keep sex toys affects their properties and, consequently, your intimate safety.

What to do? For the storage of sex toys fit special boxes, lockable boxes, zipper bags . Ideally, each item will be stored in an individual case so that they do not touch the surfaces: when materials interact, their surface is damaged; micro cracks are formed, which will become a breeding ground for bacteria.

You can keep a box of toys in a closet, bedside table or any other place where you can reach to wipe dust or vacuum. Do from time to time the general cleaning of your “sex warehouse”: wash covers; wipe the box and bedside table from dust. And if there are animals in the house, cleaning should be done more often.

Buy sex toys from a trusted seller

Problem: We doubt that the shop in the corner Sells high-quality certified goods that are safe to use.

What to do? When buying, be guided by the price: high-quality and safe devices are not very cheap. Sex Boutique does not order toys on trusted sites and uses the services of only authorized dealers from whom you can request a certificate of conformity and issue a refund and replacement in the event of a factory defect. is a trusted seller. Visit them now.

How to wash sex toys

Problem: How to wash sex toys? Are alcohol and other pharmacy disinfectants suitable for disinfection?

What to do? Before each game, the device should be washed with soap and water with a neutral pH. This is necessary to wash away dust and germs that could stick to the surface during storage. This is especially true for the hot season, when the bacteria feel particularly comfortable. To prevent their development, always keep sex devices in their pure form. Do not be lazy to wash the device immediately after operation.

The complexity of care depends on the porosity of the material and relief. Devices with an unusual texture of mine use a brush and a brush to get to hard to reach places.

Alcohol solutions, chlorhexidine and miramistin cannot be used for disinfection, since they react with the material and eventually destroy its surface. Alcohol in high concentrations has a fixing tanning effect. Under the influence of alcohol, bacteria are literally imprinted into the material of the toy.

Instead, for disinfection, we recommend using special cleaners for sex toys.Pay special attention to the fact that it is recommended to clean and disinfect toys from different materials a little differently. Here you can find out all the details.

Disinfectants based on tertiary amines and quaternary ammonium compounds can be used to disinfect premises, furniture and all accessories during orgies and swingers parties. They are active against most pathogens, including viruses and spores, but they do not chemically react with other materials, as do alcohol and chlorine-containing agents.

Lubricants and sex toys

Problem: Sex toy interacts directly with the chemical formula of the lubricant. Incorrectly chosen lubricant not only risks ruining your sex toy, but also causing damage to the most intimate parts of your body.

What to do? Forget about traditional lubricants: saliva, hand cream, petroleum jelly and massage oil. This is bad for your microflora, and for the material of the device.

During sex (even with toys, even without), use only lubricants from a good sex shop. On a water, fatty or silicone basis – it depends on what your “helper” is made of.

If you follow these rules, your toys will last longer, and experiments in sex will only please. And remember that only you are responsible for whether your sex is safe.

How the #MeToo Movement is Changing Sexual Harassment in Corporate Culture

Sexual harassment in the workplace is, unfortunately, nothing new.  Women have had to endure unwanted verbal or physical abuse on the job for centuries. While there has been an increase in awareness and restitution – from the coining of the term “sexual harassment” in 1975 to Anita Hill in the early 1991 – the problem is still prevalent today.

The #MeToo movement is the latest cultural event that brings light to the unacceptable, yet widely practiced, sexual abuse of women in the workplace and everyday life. Despite its historic prevalence, this instance of heightened media attention around sexual harassment is different from previous instances. That’s because of widespread adoption of the internet and social media.

What has been hidden behind closed doors can now be easily exposed to the public.  This increased transparency is having an especially large impact on corporate culture and companies like Uber and Netflix are taking bold efforts to make a stand.

Complaints about sexual harassment in the workplace not only create internal problems but can also tarnish your brand image. Plus, holding your own culture to high standards is a vital part of operating a creative, productive and profitable business.

It’s also hard for companies to keep scandals from consumers. What used to be a monologue from brands to consumers, is now a lucid dialogue. It follows that increased access to information fosters heightened awareness around corporate social responsibility. And this influences consumer behavior. In fact, 76 percent of consumers would boycott a brand if it doesn’t support values they believe in.

The risk of consumer backlash is causing companies to reprimand unacceptable sexual behavior in the workplace and get very clearly about their zero tolerance policies for the future. Recent instances of sexual harassment in business culture offer valuable lessons for corporate leaders looking to build an internal environment of diversity and inclusion.

Here are 3 lessons from big brands on how to address sexual harassment in the workplace:

1. Foster a culture of transparency accountability:

Open communication is a vital aspect of any efficient businesses. Transparency and accountability not only help build purposeful corporate culture, but also strengthens your brand image to in the eyes of conscious consumers.

In response to the #MeToo movement and the Harvey Weinstein scandal, advertising personality Cindy Gallop encouraged people who have experienced sexual harassment in the industry to step up and share their stories “naming names.”

In further protest, Gallop lead a Twitter boycott in retaliation against the social media platform’s suspension of Rose McGowen. McGowen was temporarily banned from using Twitter because she released a telephone number in relation the Weinstein debacle.  Instead, the brand could have supported McGowan’s public outreach while maintaining classified information private.

Gallops actions show that if you aren’t transparent about sexual harassment in the workplace, other people will eventually come out and disclose the truth. Further, brands should encourage safe ways to take action and hold aggressors accountable, rather than stifling the voice of victims.

Ultimately, coming from a place of honesty and accountability is a vital step in addressing sexual harassment or other inappropriate workplace behaviors.

2. Clean house:

While transparency is necessary, cleaning house of sexual aggressors – no matter their status – is a powerful signal to employees and the general public. It shows that there’s no tolerance for sexual misconduct or the abuse of power for personal enjoyment within your brand.

Although it happened before the #MeToo movement, the resignation of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and the Uber sexual harassment accusations, is an impactful example that shows how a lack of purposeful leadership can lead to brand crisis and personal job risk.

Ultimately, by connecting the financial well-being of employees, executives and partners with their social conduct, you can help foster a culture of safety and respect necessary to build a purposeful and efficient business.

3. Choose purpose-driven partners:

Not only is it important to ensure your core team members work to build a culture of inclusion, but it’s also paramount to cultivate partnerships with people that share your values.

Silence is consent. If you are working with an individual or organization that perpetuates unacceptable behavior – be it sexual harassment or a different social or environmental harm – you are essentially part of the problem. So a great way to clean your hands and showcase your commitment to purpose is to choose socially conscious partners.

An example of a brand that cut ties with core partners over sexual harassment misconduct is Netflix. The network ended numerous shows – including House of Cards and Louis C.K’s planned movie – over sexual harassment allegations. Clearly, Netflix does not tolerate sexual misbehavior and is showing that to their community and the world in a big way by cutting big productions.

The key takeaways are that social media is changing the way employees and consumers interact with brands. In turn, brands are changing the way they do business to reflect how they want people to perceive them. This fundamental difference in today’s society makes the #MeToo movement especially influential on women’s rights and sexual harassment in the workplace. To foster a purpose-driven culture of inclusion and productivity you must encourage transparency, accountability and connect business decisions with core brand values.

What’s Next for the #MeToo Movement?

More than nine months have passed since the #MeToo Movement opened up a much-needed conversation about sexual violence, gender equality, women’s human rights, and other related issues…

One courageous person at a time, the wounding that has been happening in the shadows is now moving into the light — creating a larger collective wave of healing, reconciliation, and social change.

And yet… there’s still a long journey ahead as we address the concrete shifts needed to move reforms forward in a significant and permanent way.

(This pathway forward was a primary topic of conversation during Shift Network’s recent #MeToo Dialogues. See below!)

In the months since the #MeToo movement began, many of us have experienced a constant onslaught of media sound bites around stories of predation and abuse. Yet there have not been enough public spaces for deep and raw dialogues, where we can more fully understand the implications of the complex stories that are emerging… and shine the light on the path moving forward.

It has been powerful to witness the many individuals that have found their voice as part of this collective sea change, and we need to encourage these new voices to continue speaking out in new and powerful ways.

But we now also need to marry these powerful words and stories with powerful action. Dr. Astrid Heger, another speaker in our dialogue series, finished her dialogue with a provocative question: “How do we energize the women in this country [and beyond] to take charge and make things happen?… All of the changes we’ve been able to bring about, they came from women…”

Women who feel inspired to take action would be wise to support the institutionalization of these changes by making significant legal shifts in the U.S. and beyond, as Marisa Tomei points out in her video interview below. And women can also lead the way by helping create policy shifts at organizations in every industry.

In addition, we need to seek out media that shares the stories of more women of color, as well as transexuals and gender-nonconforming people, who are not equally represented in most mainstream media.

It’s time to end the cycles of victim blaming and shaming, and instead offer witnessing, support, and resources for the ongoing healing journey.

And then, of course, there are the day-to-day shifts we can each make as we navigate the world.

If you feel the call to be part of this evolution, here are three powerful steps you can take right now from three leaders on the front lines:

  1. Dismantle the social and structural barriers to ending sexual violence.  

Tarana Burke, Civil Rights Activist, Founder of #MeToo Movement, reveals how to remove the social and structural barriers to equality and empowerment:

  • Continue to offer empowerment through empathy for survivors who need to be witnessed as part of the healing journey.
  • Dismantle the ecosystem that has allowed sexual predators to thrive.
  • Institutionalize this work so it’s sustained beyond a hashtag and beyond this moment of visibility.

2. Work to change the laws and provide access to funding.

Marisa Tomei, Academy Award-winning zctress and producer, shares her perspective from working within #TimesUp’s legal committee and on the key legal changes and ongoing support that are needed to create lasting change:

  • Change the statute of limitations so women are able to litigate sexual violence crimes (and other crimes) that occurred in the more distant past.
  • Continue to provide needed funding for victims to access the support they need through the #TimesUp fund and other vehicles.
  • Pass the Equal Rights Amendment in the U.S. so women living in this country will have the equal status we’ve never had under law. As unbelievable as it is, this legislation has not been ratified by enough states, so women don’t legally have equal rights under the U.S. Constitution.

3. Embrace a long-term strategy for social change.

Eve Ensler, playwright, performer, producer and activist, shares her wisdom gleaned from decades of work dedicated to end sexual violence — and reminds us that each new movement builds upon previous ones.

  • Be patient, as movements don’t just happen overnight! They take years of trust, friendship, listening, being criticized, being on the front lines… and more.
  • Honor the women who have come before us and build alliances with them. Integrate their wisdom, knowledge, and energy instead of brushing them aside.
  • Trust women on the front lines and take our lead from them.
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