How To Properly Clean Sex Toys To Avoid The Risk of Infections

You love sex toys very much, you are happy to use them but can you get an infection from a sex toy?You should know that if you do not follow the rules of intimate hygiene, accessories for adults can cause a visit to the doctor. With improper storage and care of toys, entire colonies of pathogenic bacteria develop on their surface, and they will gladly settle in your body. Know some healthy ideas with sex toys.

With a vibrator, you can get a full bouquet of sexually transmitted infections.If it is used by several people without a condom, the list of diseases can be quite extensive: from yeast fungi to viruses of HIV and hepatitis B and C.

So what to do to favorite vibrator served for a long time and bring only pleasure? There are a few general rules that apply to all adult sex accessories. Follow them for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, and you will not have to spend money, nerves and time for treatment.

Sharing sex toys is not safe

Problem: Is it safe to share sex toys during sex with a new acquaintance, group sex or swingers? Or just sharing plugs with your master? Experts of epidemiology and prevention of the Center for the Prevention and Fight against AIDS and Infectious Diseases, answered us this question.

Viruses (including HIV) and other pathogens die in the air for a few minutes, but if the material from which a sex toy is made is porous or its surface has microcracks or a complex texture, the risk increases.

Sperm, vaginal secretions may linger in invisible cavities, and with them, infectious agents. In general, the risk of contracting STDs increases when biological fluids come in contact with damaged skin or mucous membranes.

What to do? Each participant in the sexual game should have a separate toy. If you want to use the device together, you need to wear a condom. There is no other option to avoid infection. Remember that only you are responsible for your health.

What does sharing of sex toys symbolize? Find out here.

Change horses at the crossing

Problem: The intestinal flora is very aggressive towards the vaginal and can cause many unpleasant diseases. Not deadly, but you need it?

What to do? Use different devices for anal and vaginal sex. Or wear a condom on the anal toy, if after you plan to use it for vaginal caresses.

Can I use a broken vibrator?

Problem: If cracks, chips, scratches appear on your vibrator, this means that bacteria can accumulate in this place.

What to do?  Do not rush to throw out their outdated device in the trash – it’s bad for the environment.Bring the old toy to us and get a 10% discount on the purchase of a new one.  You can disassemble the device independently and deliver the components for recycling to specialized companies.

How to store sex toys

Problem: How and where you keep sex toys affects their properties and, consequently, your intimate safety.

What to do? For the storage of sex toys fit special boxes, lockable boxes, zipper bags . Ideally, each item will be stored in an individual case so that they do not touch the surfaces: when materials interact, their surface is damaged; micro cracks are formed, which will become a breeding ground for bacteria.

You can keep a box of toys in a closet, bedside table or any other place where you can reach to wipe dust or vacuum. Do from time to time the general cleaning of your “sex warehouse”: wash covers; wipe the box and bedside table from dust. And if there are animals in the house, cleaning should be done more often.

Buy sex toys from a trusted seller

Problem: We doubt that the shop in the corner Sells high-quality certified goods that are safe to use.

What to do? When buying, be guided by the price: high-quality and safe devices are not very cheap. Sex Boutique does not order toys on trusted sites and uses the services of only authorized dealers from whom you can request a certificate of conformity and issue a refund and replacement in the event of a factory defect. is a trusted seller. Visit them now.

How to wash sex toys

Problem: How to wash sex toys? Are alcohol and other pharmacy disinfectants suitable for disinfection?

What to do? Before each game, the device should be washed with soap and water with a neutral pH. This is necessary to wash away dust and germs that could stick to the surface during storage. This is especially true for the hot season, when the bacteria feel particularly comfortable. To prevent their development, always keep sex devices in their pure form. Do not be lazy to wash the device immediately after operation.

The complexity of care depends on the porosity of the material and relief. Devices with an unusual texture of mine use a brush and a brush to get to hard to reach places.

Alcohol solutions, chlorhexidine and miramistin cannot be used for disinfection, since they react with the material and eventually destroy its surface. Alcohol in high concentrations has a fixing tanning effect. Under the influence of alcohol, bacteria are literally imprinted into the material of the toy.

Instead, for disinfection, we recommend using special cleaners for sex toys.Pay special attention to the fact that it is recommended to clean and disinfect toys from different materials a little differently. Here you can find out all the details.

Disinfectants based on tertiary amines and quaternary ammonium compounds can be used to disinfect premises, furniture and all accessories during orgies and swingers parties. They are active against most pathogens, including viruses and spores, but they do not chemically react with other materials, as do alcohol and chlorine-containing agents.

Lubricants and sex toys

Problem: Sex toy interacts directly with the chemical formula of the lubricant. Incorrectly chosen lubricant not only risks ruining your sex toy, but also causing damage to the most intimate parts of your body.

What to do? Forget about traditional lubricants: saliva, hand cream, petroleum jelly and massage oil. This is bad for your microflora, and for the material of the device.

During sex (even with toys, even without), use only lubricants from a good sex shop. On a water, fatty or silicone basis – it depends on what your “helper” is made of.

If you follow these rules, your toys will last longer, and experiments in sex will only please. And remember that only you are responsible for whether your sex is safe.

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